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The Cedar Rapids Oracle Print Edition is a local arts publication distributed twice a month in the Cedar Rapids area. Supported by and working for small business. No corporate advertisers or investors ever. This Print Edition is a satire done for the citizens of Cedar Rapids for entertainment purposes. It also includes Interviews and highlights with local business owners, artists, and musicians.

The Cedar Rapids Oracle is a locally owned website and Local Social Network designed for small and local business. Our website is our tree trunk. Our center.

One branch of that tree is “TheOracleofCR”. This is a database with a listing of every local and small business in Cedar Rapids with the info that business would like to make available. (website,phone,etc) In old yellow pages form.

The second branch is our L.S.N (Local Social Network). This is our community pages. It’s a Local Social Media Network. Each Cedar Rapidian will have their own profile they can design themselves. Hopefully, every small business in Cedar Rapids designs their own profiles as well. In this profile, you can post pictures and comments on what you are doing in CR. What small business you are shopping at. Getting your car fixed, etc.  Share your post on our L.S.N.with other social media sites freely. This portion will be tailored toward the consumer to find tradesmen or a product locally in Cedar Rapids. Through posts the community and your business makes! We want the people of Cedar Rapids to get to know everyone and be able to communicate freely.

Lastly, the Linn County Audio/Visual Department handles all of the commercials we make for advertisers to air on the Website. They also handle Graphic Design. We can help you create a great commercial for your business to post on www.cedarrapidsoracle.com or wherever you’d like to use it.

Our main goal is to unite the city and survive.

To unite neighbors and find their similarities.

Everything in our lives in Cedar Rapids has been leading up to this.